Lizzy Stuyfzand works as a designer with her focus on textiles across technology, fashion and interiors. Lizzy’s design process derives from a composition of layered research on culture, industrial design, technology and craftsmanship. Coming from an industrial embroidery background, she applies a distinctive design approach combining her skilled eye as an embroiderer for complex detailing with her ability to translate meticulous design ideas in the context of production and brand identity. From a bespoke piece to a industrial multiproduct, her competence to conceptualise and shift current norms on both an aesthetic and philosophical level results in innovative cross-disciplinary experiences through colour, material, and tactility. 

Lizzy is currently employed at renowned Swiss textile company Jakob Schlaepfer AG.


IMM Cologne Pure Talents Contest 2021

Forbes 30 under 30 2018 Arts & Culture


Lichting Winner 2017